Pre Incident Indicators.

I am on top of my game in the area of pre incident indicators. I can predict with sharp clarity what someone is going to do before they do it 90% of the time IF I have enough indicators to work with. I plan to focus my future career in Psychoanalysis around this. That's also another reason why I don't pursue relations at this time because I will know my future husband's next move before he will most of the time and I can see how that could become annoying. I would take away his control intentionally and unintentionally.
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That would be very nice to the lady with that type of gift you have the honor of courting, if what you say is your truth. :)

If I were in a loving relationship with someone who had this ability, I would have no problem with it whatsoever. The key would be love, though. If she loved me and I her, it could be exciting to have her know me that well that she could anticipate my next move. I might even be tempted to take it to the next level. You know, to create an element of surprise. She thinks my next move is to take her out to dinner when instead I ask if she would like a 2-week vacation in Italy. Not the best example I suppose, but enough to give the idea.

It's something and the older I get, the more precise it gets.


The most important part to pre-incident indicators is to not negate them. I have a bad habit of doing that in the name of "CHALLENGE". It can be dangerous.

With gifts come responsibility too. It's important to maintain honor, respect and good will always, without attaching to an agenda, to truly be useful. Very interesting, and I wish you a Life of usefulness and fulfillment.

Ive always wondered what the word for that was. I get that, too. I didnt know why or what though lol but I knew what would happen to people and stuff without ever figuring out how.