This man told me recently that he does things and then later wonders why he did them. The things that this man does is usually cruel and he does it lacking sympathy and empathy. I started putting thought into it today as to exactly why he does these things and I came up with the conclusion that he does them simply because HE LIKES IT. He has an unconscious need to hurt others in order to satisfy that need (somatic instinct). Feed it so to speak! There are MANY MANY other reasons why he does this too. One major one is that he could enjoy using Operant Conditioning by applying NEGATIVE REINFORCEMENT. He could also do it because he learned it Cognitively and he likes the results that he saw the person before him get. I could go on and on but all I can say is that in order to change it this man has to turn his irrational behavior into rational behavior and free association would probably be the first route. There might be a physiological reason behind his actions as well and it's quite possible that medication is going to be necessary. If any of you know a person like this please take caution. They enjoy what they do and they usually take the words you say out of content and context and they can snap and seriously hurt you if not kill you.
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ONLY if they know me in person and we connect in a positive way. I have met men before who were threatened with my intelligence because I could read them like a book. So I do not get along with men who are troubled because I will know by pre incident indicators what their next move will be and they become frustrated because I take their control away. I think it's best that I do NOT have relations with any man at this time because I will get in trouble for what I described above. My first kids dad hated it because he was deceitful and I caught him at every turn. You know what I am saying?

You are a good all around person, that any man would be amazed, for the rest of their life.

I have a Precision Machining License, an Associates in Technology and I almost have my BA in Social Science. Everything I said above was straight out of my head straight from the books and case studies. I made the Dean's list at my university this past semester so my intelligence can't be argued.

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Thanks for the advise Doublejeopardy. I will read all your 17 stories, to learn more about people and life. I hope you have a degree or something specialized, which give me confidence of your statements. However, your write-up so far sound very thought provoking to a logical rational. I wish I had friends like you to talk too.