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This is a question that just popped into my head early this morning and I had to write it down here while I still had clarity on it. Keep in mind as you read this that TIME DOES NOT EXIST. Man made time and my question takes a deeper depth without the element of time.

Part 1. Here it goes-----Your living your life on a continuum. The force behind your actions is driven by somatic energy. Now let's also say that when you die your somatic energy transforms from this realm of existence into another. Now let's say HYPOTHETICALLY that physicists created a way to travel back in time. Now remember time does not exist and your PREVIOUS somatic energy already crossed over to another realm of existence. Now let's say that a physicist traveled back in time and met YOU. The YOU let's say at age 18. The question that I am wondering is whether the 18 year old YOU would have the same somatic energy that existed along with your body or would it be completely altered altogether since the continuum of the old YOU already passed over to another realm? Remember time does not exist in this question. Every moment of the whole continuum of YOU is living only in the NOW.

Part 2. Ok now let's take this a little deeper. Let's say that this physicist made contact with the 18 year old YOU and changed the course of YOUR then life. Let's say that you two became close friends and it altered the previous path of your OTHER or should I say previous existence. Now--I want to know what happens to the first YOU. The one that already crossed over. What happens to that somatic energy?
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Mr. Hawkings ( Cambridge University) proved that time travel backwards was possible if you could go through a black hole. Now how to get to the black hole and then how to survive going through the black hole is the question. Time is a complicated matter, but will be solved sometime in the future at least on paper. The real thing will take probably thousands of more years of research, but it will be solved. If mankind manages to exist long enough.

Meaning to Not step into failures think about yesterday could fix for Today presantations,i Hope u get Ur degree quicker then words!

Thank you for your answer. Yeah! I didn't delete the other answer you speak of, but I am glad you rewrote it for me. You are a very smart individual. I hope you use your talent to it's potential.

I am a Psych major btw so physics is not really me strong point. I just have some deep thoughts and little knowledge on it. I loved your answer and I "in theory" think that we share the same soul that binds us all together. The string theory is bringing us closer to the answers but I am just curious. I am a fan of Dr. Michio Kaku and I read an article of his recently about teleportation. Teleportation can be applied to my question as well about where does the SOUL go? If ones SOUL can dissipate and reform somewhere else through teleportation--then when we cross over to the afterlife, I wonder if there is a same process of that's going on by transferring the SOUL Into other dimensions--you think? Giving some people the sensation that they have lived their lives an unlimited number of times. Deja vu, etc,. I am just talking theoretically here. Is it possible that we could all originate from the same source and recycle somehow within infinite dimensions.

I am kind of sleepy right now so my thoughts are a little clouded so bear with me. I think you answered my question quite beautifully. I was thinking time being a continuum and used somatic energy as referring to our life force--the driving force behind our actions-SOUL! Since the SOUL and mind are theoretically two separate units. I was thinking what would happen to you right now if you were typing on your keyboard and cease to exist because of interference along the continuum. Where would your soul go?

I am familiar with the string theory but your still not answering my question.

Ok! I am thinking with a little deeper depth here. Let's say you die today--where would you go if someone went back in time and met the 18 year old YOU within minutes after your crossing over and altered the direction of your previous life? Would your somatic energy that just passed over dissipate or what? It has to go somewhere!

If you have a timeless universe, then you are one. There is no future self to add anything into any other plane. As for the question of reaching the elusian planes, that is universe specific. Each new universe will have their own planes of exisitance.

THAT is not answering my question emadmoussa. What is the fate of EACH somatic energy on every one of those planes of existence? Are we ONE or MANY? How can we reach elysium when there is more than one of us? See?

Time in modern scientific sense is thought of as an occurance at some level. Meaning, the past didn't just happenED, it's still out there on a parallel level. And my friend, Einstein's theory has recently been amended, but the essnece is still nearly the same.

This is physics. You comprehend? No?

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