Sometimes Its Not A Good Thing?

When i first joined this group, i thought that i might have been a little bigheaded for joining. But then i realised that being an intellectual can't be that bad, i mean an intellectual means that you have triumph over the rational side of the human mind does it not?
Either way, using your mind, and being able to think a little deeper than other people, yeah thats great.
But what about bad situations? When your put in that position, you think too much. You let your mind wander, which sometimes, is not a good thing.
When one small minor problem errupts, an intellectual would immediately jump to conclusions in the mind. They would probably think the worst outcome, and how they would act, survive, bounce back etc. Whereas non-intellects would straight away think that everything is ok.
I sometimes wish that i could tell myself that everything was going to be ok. But i'd be lying to myself. And i'm a good liar, just not to myself.
I think sometime in life, everyone who has a mind deeper than others, will think this one day. It's great being able to communicate on a higher level, but when it comes to bad situations, i think that everyone would like to tell themselves once in a while that everything is going to be alright.
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It has been two years since this story. I wonder what your thoughts and feelings are today.

A person's ability to look at a negative situation positively instead of overanalyzing has little to do with intelligence. At some point in life, it's necessary to learn those kinds of coping skills... I think what you were trying to describe is actually ignorance, and ignorance doesn't equate to stupidity.

You are so much more intelligent than you give youself credit for...

Hahaha, yeah i'm a real Einstein...O.o lol

The real problem is when we all start to think our intellect makes us better in some way, both intellects, pseudo intellects and norms alike. We are no better in any way. We just have a different set of problems. The point you're making is one of them. There is a balance to all things in life as all things are circles. We must all find out balance and share our strengths. The difference between intelligence and wisdom is vast. Some of us are intellects because we are philosophers. Some of us are mathematically inclined. Some are information mongers. We have a common thread of being cerebrally focused yet we too can be miles apart from one another. Find your balance and share your strengths and weaknesses. Love is in the imperfections.<br />
Peace and long life.

there is a difference between thinking and projecting. projecting is where you project the future even if it's not happening yet, so you tend to have fear over useless things because nobody can predict the future, you can analyze what's going to happen but unless it happend, it would still be considered a guess. there was one saying "dont scream until the bullet hits you" im not sure if that's the exact phrase but you get the idea. i think it would be wiser if you just make a flexible backup plan in some bad situations to lessen the damage what ever it is. im an intellectual aswell because i like to think deeper and strategize, i dont think there's a down side for being intelegent as long as you are not full of yourself. for the emotional aspect of an intellectual now that's a different story ^^

great thought for intellectuals. I'll join this group because of your defnition

"There is nothing to Fear, but Fear itself!"