Fake People?

I have heard several people on here with fake profiles complaining about how they hate fake people. What? I am confused.  When does one cross the line to become fake is my questions? Giving the variables that all people inherit their own personalities and characteristics of who they are, not to mention their mood swings, life experiences, and random play for pure shock and awe purposes. Who and what defines the fine line between fake and realism of an individual? I am not debating "LIES" here. If you want to take on that topic then read Aristotle's "Nicomachean Ethics" and we will discuss that later. I need insight here for clarity purposes please!!!!!!

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4 Responses Nov 8, 2009

Thank you for that insight pinkyy2001. They call it facade. Yea....the bullies hate that ****. lol. Actually all individuals that have control issues hate it because it makes it harder for them to read others. I think the ones complaining about it should step up their game a little bit.

isnt everyone fake in one way or another. I mean you put on your work face, your family face, friends, strangers and you act differently to each one. people are probally most real when hidden behind the shield of thier computer and can "be themselves" but even that is just a differnet face because the "net" has now become just like the "real world" you have people who are the popular ones the bullies, the pleasers. about the only time you can be really you is in your own head and we all have developed the skill of lying to outselves so even that doesnt count.

It's bullshit huh?

Wow I was just wondering this the other day.