I have had the same reacurring dream since I was a child. In this dream I see a man in the distance sitting on the ground with his legs crossed in front of him. There are pottery containers in a circle around him. It looks like 8 or so,  I am not sure. They are different sizes too. The scene that is laid out before me, including the man, seems to be eastern and ancient and it is blurry. I start my descent towards this man and the intense fear pulls me back and awake. I have talked to the professionals about this and they all beleive that it is an archetype. They said that I need to find out what is in the containers by looking deep within myself. I am ALWAYS looking deep within myself and there is no answer to this problem in there. The only thing that comes to my mind is SNAKES but I don't feel like that is the correct answer. So now I must focus on this puzzle and hopefully come up with the answer.

31-35, F
4 Responses Mar 2, 2010

You can't interpret your own dreams. The always speak to your blind side. The guardian keeps the secrets you wish to hide from. Their absence makes your life comfortable their rediscovery makes your life whole.
So they say.

Is it possible that you have this reacurring dream during a time in your life where you are having many difficult painful choices to make? Do you think the pots could represent the choices you have and contain results of each choice and the man could be your spirit guide/guardian angel/savior.

That's what the professionals say. They say it's something that will reveal itself to me in the future. They say that I must search for the answer now before that time comes. I don't know where to begin to look. I looked into snake charmers but they use weaved baskets. What I see in my dreams in old pottery. The man I fear the most. Idk why. When I enter this dream, I am in a different time era. An ancient time.

That is an interesting dream and full lots of detail with the exception of the blurry man. Do you the dream is about discovering something deep inside you that you have never searched for before?