I've Been To 8 Different Parallel Worlds

Why do we sleep? Where does our mind go during sleep? What do our dreams mean?

These questions have been asked by people throughout human existance. As of today, even the most brilliant minds haven't been able to answer them. There has been some progress in the neurological aspect of what our brain are doing when we sleep, but the field of dream interpretation is still open to, well, interpritation.
Let's start by explaining states of conciousness. Conciousness that we all know is basically your brains interpritation of the world you experience when you are awake. Unconciousness is a state in which there is no external or internal stimuli for your brain to interpret therefore there is none to minimal brain activity. Then there is altered states of conciousness in which the brain remains active from internal stimuli such as with meditation or sleep.
So that is the basics and if you want a more thorough explanation, go study psychology, I want to focus on the altered state which we call sleep.
I will pose a question to you. If our brain remains active while we sleep and we are not conscience, where does our conciousness go when we sleep? Sometimes dreams really are subconcious regurgetations of our daily lives and sometimes dream symbolism can interpret the things you experience, but sometimes dreams aren't dreams at all.
How do you explain dream premonitions in which you dream something and then it actually happens in real life? How do you explain lucid dreams that occur in the same unfamiliar setting?
I have experienced both of these examples. My most startling experience was when I dreamed of running from angry arabs in a destroyed NYC 2 months before 9/11 happened. I have also had recurring settings in my dreams in which nothing really happens but I am revisiting cities and people that don't exist in this world. These strange cities are so detailed that I can draw you a map of them.
I believe that through meditation I have managed to open a gate to other worlds when I am asleep. It is the theory that when you are asleep in this world, you are awake in another world. With practice and meditation, you can sort of view the conciousness of the parallel versions of yourself in these parallel worlds.
Is this even possible? According to string theory, there is more than one universe. There are phenomina such as ESP and Premonitions that does happen,but no one can explain. For these reasons as well as a few others I do believe it is possible to travel to parallel worlds through concious transferrence and I believe I have done it.
I have died 3 times in 3 different worlds and I haven't had dreams about those worlds since. I know how drownding feels because that is one of the ways I died. In atleast 2 worlds, there is an extra great lake in the location of Lake Winnipeg in Canada and it drains into the Missouri river making it the widest river in America. Because of this, Omaha,Ne is as big as Chicago and they have the space needle in one of the two worlds. In another world I am a sailor in the russian navy, stationed in Miami,Fla, and everyone speaks russian.
These are the worlds I remember the most and these "dreams" are so real and detailed that they seem more like memories than dreams. Has anyone else had similar experiences or have I finally lost my mind? It did happen in one of the parallel worlds and the police wound up shooting me.
mobiuswahn mobiuswahn
31-35, M
Nov 28, 2012