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A Sweet Woman With A Burdizzo

From the shelf in the back isles, of the library, at the eunuch archive, It is my pleasure to share with you, one of my favorite pieces of literature!  This piece is by an unknown author and has been entertaining millions at the eunuch archive! And now without further ado please enjoy the story,  A sweet woman with a burdizzo castrated me!

It seemed my search had come to an end and I had found the right woman to assist in castrating me. Lisa and I had been contacting each other frequently and had come to the conclusion that of the women that had propositioned me in helping Lisa was the one I was looking for. Having had prior experience in castrating a few other men Lisa prefered the use of a burdizzo since it accomplished the job with little mess. This was the method I too was looking for and through Lisa's information and emailed photos it seemed readily apparent that she was true to her word and had indeed conducted prior castrations.


From our last communication Lisa needed two weeks to fit me into her schedule and make travel arrangements. If at any time during thoughs two weeks I were to contact her it was simply to rely that I had changed my mind. We did however talk about what would take place when she would arrive and what to expect from each other. The only stipulation that I had resevations about was that Lisa insisted that I have my hands bound behind my back during the course of the castration procedure. Even with my reluctance I agreed because Lisa had legitamate reasons and wanted to make sure there was not last second backing outs that could cause serious injuries and problems. Lisa insisted that this was to be conducted with the utmost descression and respect but to keep in mind that she would request other things that would better come to light at the time of the castration. I agreed and felt at ease with her confidence, knowlege and understanding and after answering a few background questions we prepared for two weeks down the road.


The day had arrived and I had to prepare for Lisa's arrival later that evening. I rested most of the day and in the late afternoon I took my shower and appropriate shaving. I shaved everything around my penis and scotum save a small patch just above the base of my penis. Aferward I put on a pair of athletic shorts and a t-shirt. The last thing I did was turn up the temperature in my apartment a few degrees. Lisa had said this would help in keeping my scrotum relaxed.


I waited awhile as Lisa arrived on time and we greeted each other.

I was a bit suprised when I opened my door to see a petite young woman in her late twenties. Lisa had shoulder length brown hair and small frame glasses. We shook hand and I again was suprised to find she had a very strong grip which told me she was in control and knew what she was doing.


This was all becoming a bit of a turn on and I had begun to get an erection. I wasn't too worried though because through our communications Lisa had informed me that most men she had castrated at some point in the process they all had had an erection and she was comfortable with it as a natural reaction. Lisa was all business and quickly instructed me to remove my shorts and shirt. As I proceded to do so Lisa reached into an athletic bag that she had with her and produced the binders for my wrists.


Lisa instructed me to turn around and put my wrists together. The binders were strong but comfortable and there was no way I could get a hand free. Next Lisa told me to get on my knees. this I thought was odd but Lisa quickly informed me that I was to wear a gag as well. I resisted but Lisa stated that because we were in an apartment she didn't want the niebores hear me scream or yell. She also expressed that I was going to be inclined to due to the pain and that I should also protect my teeth.


I reluctantly agreed and allowed her to insert into my mouth a leather gag. Once the straps of the gag were snugged into place arounf my head another suprise hit me. Lisa had again reached into her bag and produce a thin material black bag that I knew nothing about until she pulled it over my head. I couldn't see a thing and began to panick. I rolled to the floor and curlled into a ball as best I could. Lisa came down with me and held me trying to relax me and to tell me that this would make things easier. I continued to resist until Lisa asked me if I wanted her to continue what she came for. I nodde my head as best I could up and down as she slowly rolled me to my back.


Lisa had grabbed a pillow from my couch and placed it under my head for comfort then gently placed her hands on my knees. She gently slid them in ward and began to apply gentle pressure outward. I relaxed some more and let my legs spread wide. I felt Lisa's hand move up my inne theys to my scrotum and penis. She gently started to probe my scrotum no dubt feeling for my cords.

Lisa stopped with one hand as I sensed her drag her bag towards her and probably reaching for her burdizzo. The the sensations from her other hand felt good and I noticed I was again developing the erection that I had lost when I got scared. I was turned on by the sensaions as well as the inevitability of what was about to happen.


Lisa stopped caressing me all together and I felt nothing. Then I felt the heat from the flash and the noise of a poloroid camera. I had forgotten Lisa's request for a before and after photograph, like the ones she had emailed me. I was a bit startled but was ok with it since I'd been photographed in the nude by girlfriends before.


Another moment of pause and then I felt Lisa feeling the left side of my scrotum again. Soon I felt the hard lower jaw of the burdizzo under my left testicle. Lisa positioned it then I felt the upper jaw come to rest with my cord between them. No real pressure was a applied but the the weight of the jaws was enough to cause discomfort and could feel a dull pain developing in my cord.


We waited I'm sure Lisa didn't want me to anticipate and jerk so she kept me like this for what felt like a minute but was probably shorter. Then she quickly applied tremenous pressure and the pain became very intense. I reled and was greatful for the gag. Lisa was right in that I made very strong grunting sounds and would have yelled otherwise. I felt Lisa hold me still and also felt her release the clamp rather quickly. She consoled me and told me to relax. As the pain began to ease off Lisa reached down and gently felt the left side of my scrotum and confirmed my cord was severed.


It felt good knowing that one was done but trying to relax for the second clamping was becoming difficult. Lisa was telling me to breath and to relax more. At one point I thought I was as relaxed as I thought I could get. Lisa stated that I wasn't relaxed enough and could prove it. To my suprise she pushed a finger against my rectum. She said that if I were relaxed she could've pushed part of her finger inside. Realizing my difficulty she began to massage around my rectum. It was unusual for me being a straight guy but it was comforting and before long she was slowly inserting more and more of her finger inside.


As she did this she slowly slowed down her movement but kept her finger inside me. As she did this i began to feel the hard clamps come around my right testicle. I thought thid odd but found out later that the type of burdizzo Lisa was using was a bit smaller than most and had a scissors type handle for better dextarety with one hand. It's typicly used in one hand while a small animal is held in the other.


Lisa got the positioning the way she wanted it and again waited. This time even longer then all of the sudden the intense pain again.The clamping came at the bottom of a breath so I had less noise to make. Also I could hear Lisa squeal with delight as she held the clamp tight and for a much longer time than the first. My rectal muscles tightened around Lisa's finger and then eased as the pain decreased. Lisa removed the clamp and her finger gingerly. After again holding me for a bit Lisa again reached down and confirmed that I was no longer a man and that my testicles would be shriveling away in a month or so.


After a moment I felt and heard the camera again as Lisa took the after photo. Then she released my hands removed the bag and the gag. As Lisa went to my kitchen to get an ice pack I looked down at myself and saw the tell tail markings of a burdizzo castration. I was finally fixed.


As Lisa came back and helped apply the ice pack I noticed a funny little grin on her face. We started to talk and Lisa explained that she was sorry for taking liberties with me and the unprofessional behavior. It was Lisa's dream to have her finger inside a man's rectum during the castration itself but had yet to do it prior to mine.


She continue by stating the finger technique was a good one that had worked well on gay men but she had to remove it to have strength in clamping the clamps. In my case she had noticed that my cords were not that thick and having clamped the first one she felt confident that she could clamp the second cord one handed, just keep the pressure for a longer time to make sure it was severed. By keeping her finger inside my retum Lisa could feel the sudden tensing of my muscles the intense pain that I was going through. Lisa took great delight in knowing how painful it was for me. Lisa stated that she normally didn't get personal with a man she had just castrated but felt she needed to explain herself in light of her latest experience come true. I appriciated her honesty and that she truely enjoyed doing the castrations and knowing that she was turning men like me into eunuchs.


After Lisa made sure I was a bit more comfortable it was time for her to go. She wished me luck in my new life and thanked me for letting her be involved. Its been a month now and my testicle are almost completely shriveled and gone. In the time since my castration I did receive one call from Lisa which was against her normal policy. She wanted to know if everything was going well and confided in me that when she felt me that evening she was already wet from the turn ons I provided her, that she had an incredible orgazim that night in her hotel room and had thought of me often since. I told her my testicles were almost gone and that I was enjoying the look of my empty scrotum. I think she took almost as much delight in hearing that as I felt in telling it to her.  

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i love it

This is an interesting story and very erotic but not very realistic. The cords can certainly be clamped in this way, and that will certainly kill the balls, but leaving the glands inside the wet sack probably means gangrene. Fantasy is not reality.

wow very great story...I am wanting this done as well,I cannot find anyone that wants to do this to me...
Can you please contact me or forword this on to Lisa as i am needing this done soon. as i enjoy wearing panties or pantyhose and i do not want my nuts anymore..please help me.
she can video this as well

Wow,wonderfull story...Dose she want to have another guy to do? she can post the pics of the whole thing or take a video of it..

I need to have that done to me PLEASE Lisa

nice stort.

wonderful story. my favorite line is "Lisa again reached down and confirmed that I was no longer a man". i would love for my wife to do this to me, and then confirm to me that I am no longer a man, and therefore, she will need to find other men to satisfy her! nothing would be better than to be her eunuch, sissy cuckold husband. i so want her to humiliate, sissify, and cuckold me. i am such a wimp and don't deserve her ***** ... that should be reserved for real men.

An incredible turn on

can I have Lisa's phone number

I dont beleve you lisa is only in your head i bet my two balls .gelding40 on e p

I dont beleve you lisa is only in your head i bet my two balls .gelding40 on e p