I can't live without the internet.  As I sit here typing away on EP I realize that a day without the internet is a boring one and that I have to have it.  It is not al about fun though, I also use it for shopping, researching, job search, and so many other things.  So I would not make it without the internet.

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I am so glad that I live in this day and age!! Technology rocks!

Yes, thank you. Thank you very much...DD

LOL Dew... You re so funny? Were you a Christian Virgin before me? Did I take your virginity?

I have used the internet to research and buy knives but little else until this past November when my illness got so bad I had to stay indoors. <br />
<br />
My wife got me my own pc and I started to explore until I found bladefourms (Hundreds of people who collect knives just like me!) and EP.<br />
Now I can't wait to be on my pc. I have even met a few Christians that are cool!!! Who Knew!!!...Dew

All, interesting comments all. Thanks!

Ha - I agree! I may be showing may age - but ...I remember in college, having to 'learn' the internet, bibliographies, citings, etc. I thought to myself - this is SO stupid!! I will NEVER use this ever!!! Well - fast forward 19 years ..here I am!!! :)

LOL Cham. me neither.<br />
<br />
SD, I understand that.

Me too! When I was a little girl I could do anything to chase away the boredom. Once I became a tween however and learned how to use email I was hooked. Msn messenger, facebook, google and now ep. . .I'd be so incredibly bored without these things!