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I took the personality test 4 times.  Obsessive, just wanted to make sure I was accurate. Wanted to find a website to talk with other people with the INTJ profile since I often feel very alone in the way I see the world.

I have been married for 20 years and have obtained a certain degree of success. My pursuit is far from over and now I realize that the frustration in my marriage stems from the different in our personality types.   I need more activities to feed my INTJ nature while at the same time learning to improve on the communication in my marriage since we process information very differently.

Advice appreciated.

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3 Responses Apr 9, 2008

Nope, did not find out about MBTI until after we divorced. But no, I looked up ENFP and did not recognize him there. Lately, I find myself more attracted to other NT's because we understand each other it seems, but will certainly check our Keirsey's book as he is also my favorite delineator of the personality types. (although it is doubtful I will marry again, iNTj...being quite happy enjoying my own company LOL) I wouldn't mind having Mr. Right living next door!

Any idea what your spouse's temperament is?<br />
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Statistically speaking, INTJs are most likely to marry ENFPs...David Keirsey, my personal favorite psychologist who worked on Meyers' 16 temperaments, has a whole chapter of his book "Please understand me II" dedicated to marriage amongst the temperaments. Check it out sometime, if you ever find yourself interested.

I too was frustrated not so much by lack of communication, I communicated like an absolute fiend... it's just he wasn't listening, capable of understanding, tuned out because I kept on TRYING to communicate...I found divorce solved all of these issues.<br />
Good luck...