I Am An Intj That Loves Animals

My father and I are both very good, if not exceptional at taking care of animals and understanding their motivations moreso than humans. Constantly considered the first person to go to in the event of needing advice, I am told that I am "always right". I do not like being "always right" which is hyperbole of course, because most of the time I am asked for advice on personal matters which usually involves the emotional failure of relationships, and noticing when individuals are lying/cheating. No matter what, my intuition knows when it is being lied to - and most recently I had realized I had been lying to myself about being "Ok" with my fiance's single friends whom all are losers and have made terrible choices in their lives and whom will probably die alone. He is an E, and very indecisive. I found him when I wasn't looking, asked to kiss on the first date to see if we had any chemistry so as to not waste my time. Almost 3 years later, and now we are living together and mostly everything belongs to me despite me being on social security income for a painful and rare genetic mutation, I am quite good with going without to gain something I need in the long run. Do any of you ever feel like you're going to be violent and bottle your anger until you finally explode lashing out verbally and ...sort of traumatizing people with your ability to see their insecurities as if it's an afterschool special and they all fit their own "character roles"? I am a very sensitive and shy individual (my cold logic calms me), but that generally doesn't stop me and I come off as uninterested, snobby, and a know it all - but most of all friendly people use the term "misunderstood" whilst describing me which I find cliche' and irritating. However, I have found as I have gotten older - that cliches' are often the truth - only bastardized to the point so even those who are socially inept can understand them.
GodWithAComplex GodWithAComplex
Nov 26, 2012