Intj Group Work

when we have to work in groups i am always thinking that i dont want to sit there and listen to peoples oppinions that are so very wrong and yet they do not see just how wrong they are. yet i am the one that most people want to work with because i do my work well. is this just me? does anyone have and feed back or other stories?
riversongpond riversongpond
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1 Response Nov 26, 2012

The prayer of the INTJ:
Oh lord help me to have the patience to listen to the ideas of other, and to understand that they think they are right, no matter how wrong they really are.

I work where there are loads of meetings and I really fail to understand why we are there most of the time as the one answer is obvious to me, still they are paying me to be there so I go along, say nothing and doodle in my notebook and then, to ensure that they know I have paid attention, ask awkward questions at the end.
Works for me.