I Am Stressed Out By Giving Emoitional Support

Seems like I have quite a few people in my life who turn to me for emotional support and counsel. I think I would really like to be the type of person who is good a giving advice and can cheer anyone up who's feeling blue, but I'm starting to notice that every time I do I feel emotionally spent and exhausted. I think having to "play nice" and make myself understanding and patient with other people when their in a delicate state just might be spending more emotional energy and knowledge than I actually have. How do i stop this weird cycle I've found myself in? And. . .yeah I'm pretty sure this makes me an *******?
Amarisonne Amarisonne
2 Responses Nov 27, 2012

i'm not very good when it comes to emotions too, but i try my best to give a good advice to people i really care about...i believe that's because of my empathic side. it does feel a bit weird though, because it's not something that comes naturally to me...and sometimes i too feel a bit stressed out by too much emotion.
it's a little sacrifice i'm willing to take for my loved ones :)
knowing i actually helped someone and made someone feel better makes me feel good too

People think of me very emotionally stable. But my advice is always not what they are looking for. I need people to be specific. I need them to say "I need you to feel sorry for me".-which is what they mean. And of course I am not good at that.