Personality Cousins: Intjs And Infjs

Admit it INTJs, you like us : )

We're like that socially awkward cousin that is totally weird at family reunions, but don't kid yourself, we get along really well.

I collect INTJ friends like pokemon cards, and they are some of my favorite people to keep in my 'inner circle.' I like your minds, your snark, and occasionally a little envious of your emotional callousness. (it's exhausting having so many feelings.. all the time. Woe is the INFJ) Since it's damn near impossible for one INFJ to encounter another INFJ in the real world, I cherish my relationships with my INTJ. Friends because they appear to be the people I can relate to the most. That and I think INFJs are really just mystical unicorns hiding in the forests somewhere.

I'm sure INTJs like challenging the INFJ, and vice versa. It's fascinating to me how we seem to operate on the same brain waves, but reach different conclusions. The INTJ thinks, therefore they not only exists, but with their cunning, they divide and concur. The world today, the universe tomorrow. The INFJ thinks...and thinks.. and thinks and thinks and thinks, and will probably propose a philosophical question to you about the meaning of life on par with the wisdom of Gandalf while you're just trying to sleep at 3 am.

So tell me INTJs, do you have a relative, girlfriend, or 'bro' in the INFJ camp? Good or bad experiences? Do you guys often team up together and gang up on other personality types? (like those silly extroverts) :P Does your INTJness rub off on your INFJ friends and make them more socially tolerable? Or can you not handle the spaceyness? Love to hear some stories :)

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I'm an INFJ and my best friend/soulmate is an INTJ. when i first saw her it felt like we could discuss anything and time sure flies fast when im with her just talking talking and thinking about things that involve human complexities. Yes we often gang up on other personality types such as ESFPs coz we think they''re so dumb moron idiots hahaha we love criticizing people we meet on our everyday lives. in just a short time we instantly know the lives of each other. As an INFJ i often get hurt with her sarcasm but i dont take it too personal coz i know it's just her nature to do that and everything she says i respect since it has a POINT. I am envious of her callousness to feel things around her. While me i get easily emotional and all.

I didn't take a personality test until a few months ago. I'm an INFJ - and let me tell you, it is so nice to know and have an explanation as to what is going on in my head! I took the test 3 times just to be sure, haha.

There are two people in my life that have always felt "got" me. My Mom/best friend, also an INFJ; and my Jr. High sweetheart/soulmate/husband, an INTJ.
All of us took the tests the same day and all of us sat there and said, "ah ha!". Actually, my mom and I said that and my husband said, "I knew I was awesome." LOL

Being married to an INTJ IS awesome! Like I said, we met in Jr. High and it was chemistry, and love, at first sight. Like a magnetic force on a deeper level. Of course my parents were in a state of panic because we were so young; we parted ways briefly because I thought it was wise to "see what else was out there"... What a mistake! He haunted me and there was no one else like him. So yeah, we tied the knot!

My INTJ husband "gets" me almost completely. (And the parts he doesn't understand my mom does. Most INFJs are probably not so lucky to not only know another INFJ but also be related to one.)

He can seem incredibly insensitive at times. -But most of the the time he's just being frank and it's kind of what I need to hear. And he likes to argue er... Debate :) Really we think along the same lines but end up with different solutions or conclusions. Which of course afterthefact is always amusing. We don't ever stay angry with each other for long, like I've noticed with other types. He is very confident and knowledgable about lots of things, learns new things easily, and finds the best way to do it - faster than most.. Then laughs at those who don't :) his favorite thing to say is, "work smarter, not harder". Diagnosed ADD when he was young. His parents just didn't try to understand him or give him the resources and outlets his creativity needed. Hasn't been medicated since he was young and never should have been.

We work well together! We can talk about anything and everything... He is seriously my SOULMATE. (And I used to hate that word because it felt impossible.) I love how his brain works! I love his mind! And yes, I am at times a little jealous of his callous seeming behavior. :)

INFJ + INTJ = amazing chemistry

Oh I should add that my INTJ husband and I have known each other and been best friends for basically all of 13 years; and married for 3 1/2 of those. We've got two amazing sons as well ages 2 1/2 years, and 13 months.

Our youngest already seems like an INFJ - he has those eyes that look into your soul. Extremely intuitive and literally backs away from the same people I do. People with alcohol problems (isn't that weird?) and people that are extremely extroverted as well. And our oldest is also VERY intuitive, but I can't make out just yet what his type is exactly.

Parenting with an INTJ really is awesome too :)

I'm an INTJ and my best friend is INFJ. I've only met her about a year ago, and we get along pretty well. We have similar taste in music, movies, we think alike, share many viewpoints etc. The only difference is of course, the T/F component. She's more of an emotional person, and i'm the opposite...That's why sometimes i worry i won't say something that could come off as insensitive... Nontheless, I've never met anyone quite like me before.

I don't have anyone close to me where I am in my life right now. But I do wonder about my best friend from school, he seems like he could fit the INFJ criteria, and without saying much we could understand each other on a deep level. Maybe we did gang up on other personal types :p Since we have strong loyalties, we're also introverts, the type that liked to be in control but in the shadows, we'd pull strings with each other in mind (they had no chance). Interestingly I remember finding an old photo in my grandparents house of his dad and my uncle in a gang, they had a reputation, but we met at random.<br />
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I'd love someone to propose me philosophical questions at 3am, sounds like something I'd do as a kid when someone slept over. I only talk that way to a certain kind of person, I don't want to be crazy all on my own.