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I Feel Like I'M The Only One...

All my life I've felt like everyone else just didn't get it. I'm in highschool about to graduate and I just don't understand how kids my age get so wrapped up in useless nonsense. Like school dances, drugs, alcohol, and looking cool.
None of that stuff will matter in the end.
What bothers me is that we spend our whole lives in school. Then college. Then we spent everyday working some job. For what point? To earn money? You're still going to die either way. Life just seems so purposeless. No matter how hard I try I can't find joy in the things other kids my age do. Going to a school dance won't distract me from my internal frustations. I am constantly asking myself: Why? Why are we here? Is there a purpose? Is their anything beyond this world?
I wish I could just sit. Sit and think and do what I want to do. Read books. I always think how there are billions of books that I will never get to read. Billions of opportunities I won't take.
Also, I hate small talk. I hate societal rules and regulations. I hate the fact that we have any form of goverment at all. I want total and complete self ownership.
But since we do have goverment I want equality. Despite how annoying I find other people I still think it is unfair for people to suffer. I am a communist as well as a socialist, but mainly out of necessity. Everything in life seems to be so arbitrary and based off of luck. People make decisions based off of what they want. Instead, we should look out over the universe as an orb that does not know what it is or who it is. Then we would see that humans of all races and economic status as well as animals deserve rights.I hate that athletes and actors earn more than people who work long hours on things that actually contribute to our knowledge of the universe.I always wondered why do janitors and lawyers make different incomes. Sure, the lawyer has schooling on his side. But why is education inherently valuable?

Life is just so frustating. No one understands me. I do not know anyother INTJ's in real life so I feel alone sometimes.
Anyway, sorry for the long rant I just wanted to vent my thoughts and I figured you all would be the best people to vent to.

Also: I wanted to ask what occupation you guys have? I'm curious as to what jobs INTJ's are good at.
I am hoping to major in computer science and math. Maybe a minor in philosophy.
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Hey, I'm an eighteen year old female, still in high school, and I agree at all points! And these people replying about Christianity are interesting, because intj's are the least likely to believe in any spiritual being. I for one do not.
I've thought about a lot of the same stuff you mentioned, and for a while was kind of depressed about it. But I've come to some conclusions too, and now I feel a little better about life. A little. Like, with the government: of course we don't want one, were intj's! We could rule the world, let alone ourselves. But the fact is, most other personalities couldn't. So the government is necessary. But they should really consult with some intj's to get their stuff together. We could do wonders for their productivity.
I'm also thinking about a minor in philosophy, or maybe art history, though I'm majoring in biochemistry. As of right now, I want to be a surgeon.
I'm sorry you feel so alone. I have the good fortune of having a best friend who is also intj, so we understand each other very well. Without her, I would be alone too.

Don't go to college if it isn't in your plan. You do not need a degree unless it is essential to an area you wish to work in. The debt you will incur from college will put you in a miserable lock-down (having to pay it off) whether the job is what you want or not. I like to make lists because they show me what is important to myself. I would recommend making a list of your hobbies/interests. Then, seeing if you really need all that schooling. What I gained from my philosophy degree was a teacher grading me on books I would have read myself anyway...How much income do you need to live as you wish? It is a sad state of society that 'celebrities' are forced into our minds and put on a pedestal of money, but it is a reflection of the interests of general society. Start reading the books that interest you now and start to learn more about your interests/needs. You sound like a you are on a good path. Those realizations and ponderings, even though difficult, are important and many overlook them.

Don't worry I am a christian. I have been for ten years. Maybe it was confusing the way I phrased it, but what I meant is that I do not see any earthly purpose. I consider myself to be a religious existentialist.

Have you ever read Michael Palmer's "Elements of a Christian Worldview?" Palmer has some sensible arguments about earthly purpose. Plantinga's "Engaging God's World" had a few chapters addressing the topic as well, namely chapter 5 on vocation. I used to be very existentialist as well, but I feel that there is much purpose and reason for our time here. God wanted us not only to choose him in our state of imperfection, but also to grow closer to him in it. Once we die, the relationship changes, we will be able to know him in different ways, but not in our current sinful state. When he says that our actions on earth dictate our position in the next life, I take that as a sign of purpose. I hope this helped, and I'm glad to know other INTJ Christians.

Studies show INTJs are best in management and science/math jobs but often go into counseling as well. As an INTJ myself I am taking the counseling route. I held those same opinions of government and society throughout high school and my first few years of college. I found Christianity. It may surprise you that after intense study it can be seen to have logical validity through a priori. There is purpose in life and there are ways to make this life meaningful. Hugh Ross and Francis Collins (human genome project) have both written excellent books on science as it relates to Christianity. Even if you do not take on the Christian perspective however, the best way to have an enjoyable INTJ life is to go into field that you are passionate about as opposed to interested in. I was a science major for four years, I barely got to read at all, and we covered the same topics repeatedly, there was very little way to impact the field. I started an online psychology degree after I realized that online degrees encourage self teaching and psychology is constant reading and studying pretty much whatever you feel like, while simultaneous making long and short term impacts on others. Today I read both about the Donner Party, the Holocaust, and the interrelated nature of milkshakes hunger and midbrain activity. Last week I read attachment styles in children and how they affect us as adults. If you go into psychology, you can read anything and it will impact your work.

Tossalterego, I advise you to not be so quick to judge the intelligence of others before checking your own. For you to argue on a topic like a priori (it is incorrect to say simply "priori"), when it is clear you are not even aware of the basic principles behind it, shows that you are just argumentative, and therefor not in control of your emotions.

Then to go on and suggest that science can be proven implies that you do not understand the basic concept behind science either. Science is founded upon falsifiability, not provability. Even what we call "laws" and "theories" are not proven. They simply have not yet been falsified in certain contexts. That concept is in 100 level science textbooks, often incorporated into the definitions of "science" and/or "experimentation." That so many in the field ignore it is simply irresponsible and ignorant. If you were to study dark matter and energy, you would realize that there are scientific laws and theories that are not applicable in that context. Science and statistical data cannot draw even a single conclusion without the use of a priori. Your use of symbolic language is also frivolous. If you aim to insult me, I suggest you go about it in regards to a topic you are knowledgeable in and use valid arguments.