Oh, Yes!!

I'm an INTJ and proud of it!!  Long ago I found out I was an INTJ and when I read the description, it just fit perfectly.  Back then the "archetype" for INTJ was "Scientist" which fits me perfectly.

Years later, I had the opportunity to participate in another workshop where I had to do the same sort of test.  I had read somewhere that people change with age and experience and thought it's possible that I might have changed, but no, it came back exactly the same.  The archetype this time was "strategist" which I thought a little strange, but when I read all the descriptive stuff, it still fit me perfectly.

Anyway, all my fellow INTJs, good to meet you all.  I'm sure you can relate to my story as much as I already know I relate to yours...

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1 Response Feb 20, 2009

I still much doubted if I need to join this group lol - INTJ's are very independent quite often - AND ESPECIALLY ME LOL<br />
I don't fit anywhere lol.<br />
I am just MYSELF.