They Say Intps Are Architects... Not Necessarily.

I've taken the Myers-Briggs test 4 or 5 times... sometimes it says ENTP, n sometimes INTP... so, i took a separate test to find out how 'I' or 'E' i am... n it seems i am 58% Introvert and 42% Extrovert. n since i have lot of mood swings, so sometimes i behave more extroverted and sometimes more introverted...

Also, the test tags INTPs as Architects... which i dont agree to. Because i never had even slightest interest in building skyscrapers or any bridges.. I am an Entrepreneur by profession. I am a college drop out and today i am running 2 successful business... n these days, m working on opening a new factory.. so you will agree when i say i am an Entrepreneur..but the test says i am Architect...LOL!!

Well, some of the personality traits that they describe r completely true.. like INTPs value knowledge, they constantly keep thinkin on how things can be improved, they live in their own minds, they dont value emotions n all such things... these r true.
But, it also says that INTPs dont like to lead or control people... which i dont find fit. because since childhood i have been a leader, its natural in me... i like to take control n make things go my way...n as a business owner i have people woking for me, i am controlling people n leading them.. so i find this conclusion contradicting.
Also, neither do i like science fiction, nor i am socially uncomfortable.. n i dont act without planning... i might b somewhat impulsive but being a businessman i never do anything without careful planning.. so a lot of wrong conclusions there, u see.
This is why i took this test many times.. but then i think... this test is not gonna make any difference in ur life... it only classifies u.. n does dis classification do any good to you... i dont think so.. i dont find it useful.

i know who i am, what i like, n what i dont like n what m gonna do with my life... so wat new is d test gonna tell me.. infact d test wasnt even able to read me properly. LOL.

i might be an INTP, but am not an Architect or a Nerd! 
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Being an Architect doesn't necessarily mean designing building, it's more about analysing and designing complex systems. Lots of INTPs are software architects or programmers, lawyers, philosophers, scientists, structural engineers, yes even business model designers or process optimisers.
The MBTI type is more about how your brain processes information than it is about what your actual profession is.
INTPs have both divergent and convergent modes of thinking, which are useful for spotting details, formulating rules, reaching new levels of abstraction, and creating systems to encapsulate many complex behaviours.

It may also be beneficial to keep in mind that INTPs can sometimes get hung up on there being one right way to do something, and that they can be very stubborn about it. I am an INTP who has been trained to play well with others. I think that if I were to start up a business, I could take a strong leadership role because I would be focusing on making sure things were done correctly, which would override my need to be introverted in that situation. Also, it could be that you are I and E in different situations seeing as you are right on the border. Perhaps at work you are more able to be an E and take the lead.

Walker, I suspect that it holds less true for you b'c you fall so close to the midline of I/E. Many of us INTPs are on the far end of the I/E scale. If you look at yourself, and imagine yourself without your social-interpersonal skills, and without your ability to read people, you would be a lot closer to that INTP Architect, I expect. However, be thankful! You have been given the gift of the I's ability to withdraw and contemplate as well as the E's ability to successfully interact with people in a multitude of roles! It sounds like you have the best of both worlds! be thankful :)

I, too, am close to the center of the I/E scale, though probably not as close as you are, and not as close as i was before I had children(!) However, I speak from experience that some of the worst experiences in my life have occurred when I was put in a role of authority over my peers. It has ALWAYS blown up in my face. As an adult, I have been wise enough to turn down offers of higher positions, even when they seem to carry some honor with them. I have learned that the best way for me to lose friends is for me to have to direct and motivate them toward a goal.

I'm glad that it is easier for you. That's the difference that keeps the world changing and growing!

haha... best of both worlds! sounds good when u say it that way. :)
thank you for showing me a different way to view it.

the architect written of in typological theory is not be confused with the designer of blue prints for buildings etc (although he may be). The INTP Archiect is more the designer of ideas. Besides, personality theory is more ba<x>sed on what may be general preferences of an individual, it doesn't claim to be 100% accurate.

hi,<br />
yup the test helps us learn about ourselves but not to control our life <br />
i got INTP as the result, but i like planning something, do a list like the INTJs, <br />
when im in a group i do like being a leader

I am an INTP and I am an architect by profession. It tripped me out thought the first time I read the INTP desc<x>ription after taking the test.

n i thought these things were more or less bogus.
guess they do hold true for some people.