Appreciation Of The True Self

Last night, my twelve year old brother whom I presume is an intp (only time will tell) and I , were watching American Dad. Now, I don't necessarily find the humor of the show appealing although sometimes I hear myself chuckle
at some very outrageous things that are said. Any who, something happened that made my brother laugh joyfully thus causing me to to smile and laugh within at his spontaneous moment of happiness.
It wasn't just his infectious laugh that made me laugh along , it was the fact that in moments like this I get to witness him being 100% himself. Everything from the goofy look of his mouth when he laughs to the way he ***** back his head while he muffles his laugh (picture Mutley from Wacky Races) . Its hard to explain but it's just like when your friend, your mom, your wife etc does something that automatically makes you say in your head "oh, that is so her/him" . It's all those really endearing quirks that you get to associate with and love about people in your life.
We are observers by nature so like any good intp I enjoy people watching. Many times when people set aside their mask (un/consciuously)you will observe all these little things about them that are fascinating.
For instance , my friend would randomly twitch his nose which I thought was just so endearing . He didn't notice when he did it, to him he was just being himself. I later told him how much I liked it when he did it , to which he responded "thank you ...?" . Either he thought I was weird or he didn't understand why someone would appreciate such a trivial thing. But I did . I felt this indescribable pleasure from being witness to what I can only descriptive as 'being truthful to the self'. However ,from experiences like that i have learnt to contain the urge to communicate my appreciation for such things. Most of the time it just weirds people out.
I consider them a rare treat . Mainly because such moments are like a breath of fresh air from the falseness that is expected in our society.
I mean , come on I get to see something unique and refreshing without having to pay for a ticket!
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2 Responses Jan 15, 2013

btw, I have one brother and he is 12, too!

I love it! I am reading Anna Karenina. I'm telling myself that Levin must be an INTP, so is Tolstoy the author. Levin admiring Anna: "Her beauty, her intelligence, her cultivated mind, together with her directness and sincerity... He was thinking of her, of her inner life, trying to divine her feelings." He experiences mental fatigue at social gatherings. He is at ease at home in the country side.

But yes, I appreciate what you have felt. Because most of the time people are acting one way or another. I like kids or older people. They are much more genuine.