Why Is It Just So Hard??

H i..I am Jassie.

I am generally an introvert. I feel good about myself most of the time that I am special despite being an introvert. However, at some occasions, I just wish I could be like my other extrovert frenz who have plenty to talk about and never run out of topics.

I am myself in front of some friends but not so for most of my friends. In the end, I get tagged as quiet,shy,introvert and mysterious. I want to have a total makeover from an introvert to at least a rather extrovert.

When I am me in my room, I just talk on and on and I am very cheery. But why is it that I am not this way in front of the people whom I know??I feel that I am going to be laughed at and I have the feeling that I might embarass myself and tend to be extremely cautious of whatever I do...

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4 Responses Mar 25, 2009

Hey I know exactly where you are coming from. I love my solitude, specially in my room. At work I sometimes wish I can be one of these group of people who can come to random groups and just talk and put in my 2 cents, but I naturally am the quiet one. but like someone said it is important to accept that being an introvert is actually a great thing. And our interactions w others are more intimate because we only open up to people we care/comfy with. We dont need 1,000 friends on FB to feel cool and can be happy just w ourselves or select few, unlike so many.
I tried to be more outspoken at one point, but I actually felt like a fraud and I was more sad/confused. In reality though we do need to interact with others, even if that may be uncomfortable and we have to balance that with our alone time, which is important.
People are learning/evolving being, so that does not mean we can only be introverts. With practice we can start voicing our selves a bit, without the expense of who we truly are "Introvert." It does not mean we are anti social after all.
One last thing, which I feel is hardest part in accepting being an introvert is first actually being happy about being alone with your own thoughts and truly accepting that is who we are, we should be proud.

it's cool to be introvert. it's cool to be extrovert. now choose. introvert or extrovert? <br />
of course you cannot choose. don't force yourself to be somebody else. change and growth start from accepting just who you really are:)

I trlu appreciate that u commented...Perhaps you are right!!!I too tend to prefer a one-to-one conversation..yeah i dunnoe why but i do feel that i am faking in front of several frenz of mine who are much of extroverted too...<br />
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Well itz kinda hard but the best is simply to accept who I just am no matter what others may think of me...<br />
<br />
Or is ths frustration a result of how confused I am..I dunnoe myself...I feel so lost sometimes, not understanding what I really want..to be more extroverted liek the rest or to be someone different by just being ME...

Hi Jassie, <br />
<br />
I am an introvert. as well. I have come to accept that that this is a personality trait that I will always have a tendency to express. <br />
<br />
The thing is I have come to accept that maybe it is not so bad! In a group, I tend to gravitate to a more personal one on one connection...I have never been comfortable holding court. When I have placed myself in the extrovert situation, I just don't feel like myself. It is sorta like watching myself from the outside! <br />
<br />
I hope that you can find comfort in just being who you are....not easy, believe me, but well worth the effort!