A Long Journey To Okay

My parents did their best, but they both had personality disorders. I came out of that situation very very troubled. The worst part was the poor social "skills" that I learned. I was the least popular kid during my elementary and middle school years. In High School I became part of the stoners. I suffered from drug addiction, depression, anxiety and an eating disorder. I entered therapy 26 years ago, I stayed with it as often as I could afford it. Several months ago I "finished," i.e. I'm healthy and happy - I'm finally okay!

The final piece was realizing that I was not an extrovert. The confusion came in because of my long struggle with social skills. I thought I wanted to be with people a lot, but failed socially. Recently I retook the MBTI and discovered that I'm actually quite introverted. I enjoy being with people now and then, but it drains me. I'm no longer a "failed" extrovert; I'm a successful introvert. Yay! My social skills are quite good these days. It's nice to know that when I want to be with people I can, and it can be a mutually enjoyable experience.

I'm married to a wonderful man - an introvert - I'm so glad. I have 2 close girlfriends but they both moved away many years ago. We keep in touch. Currently I don't have any girlfriends that I see face-to-face, or even speak to on the phone (don't like speaking on the phone anyway). I email them, but neither cares to write much. I'd love to have a few friends that I could experience resonance with. At the very least a pen pal who likes to write often.

So here I am. Thanks for listening.
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Thanks for sharing, I really appreciate it!