And With That A Fog Cleared

I sat alone, wondering if this was normal,
I sit alone, now knowing that I'm with many,
I questioned my choices, should I be trying to fit in?
I know now that I do, in my own way, amoungst many the world over.

Before I worried that I didn't have enough friends.
That it was a defect, something wrong in my head.
Now I worry that others are questioning what I once did,
and hope they won't suffer, blinded by "normality."

In this world that spins regardless of us, we seek clarity of ourselves.
For some it comes naturally and without a second thought.
I know my clarity will come, not in this lifetime, maybe not the next,
but at some point in this journey we call existence.

I don't yearn for it, I want to experience the full trip.
I know when I get there it will all make sense.
For now, I'm happy traveling and taking it all in,
with the added bonus of some new found friends.

This discovery has a cleared the fog that hid my path,
a path I was already following, blindly before.
Now I can see, now I can take in all that's around me,
knowing I'm on my way home.
Jamtree Jamtree
1 Response Jan 21, 2013

It's amazing the freedom that comes from the truth... To feel like you fit in with the special ones on a planet lacking individualism and the awareness of self. What a gift you have received. Thank you for sharing this little gem :)