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I can relate to all the stories about preferring to be alone and wondering if that was "normal".  What let me have a relatively happy childhood were loving parents and a gift for (and love of) athletics and competition. To this day (I'm 54) I would prefer to be alone to practice my various sports.....except when I come out to compete!
I studied psychology and philosophy and counseling in college (loved Existential Psychotherapy), trying to figure myself out and why I didn't like to be around a lot of people.Finally settled on being a school counselor. It's been a good career for an introvert....I get to spend most of my time with one student at a time. The overall hustle and bustle of an urban middle school has pretty much worn me out though. Need a quieter second career. One that allows me to pursue my new life's shoot my age in golf someday.
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I am the same way. I love to practice and learn as much as possible by myself. But love to compete against others when I get out on the court(basketball).

I understand where you are in your decision making. For me it got to the point where I began to despise my job. Because I am an introvert I had to focus on professions where I could function cohesively and professionally on my terms instead of the terms society has put in place. People always come to me for advice because I observe and analyze why people do the things they do. Then it hit me, psychology is the path for me. Low and behold I have a 3.8 GPA and the supporting feedback from my instructors confirms that is what I was destined to be...a psychologist. I've been told by my instructors, psychology is definitely a great profession for introverts. Although I'm in my late 40's I've been provided so much encouragement from others my age, that I find it only suiting to extend the same positive message to you. As you ponder what journey lies ahead of you, make sure your decision is ba<x>sed on something that gives makes you so happy, you wouldn't consider it to be a job :). Good luck to you and keep me posted.

Good luck to you Olivia! The internet is a wonderful thing. I really appreciate knowing that others have some of the same thoughts and challenges. I don't know what to pursue for my second really pondering that over Christmas break. All my energy is used up in my current job so it is difficult (impossible) to imagine taking classes for another career.

As I was reading your story and arrived at the part regarding psychology, it really hit close to home. I decided to abandon my administrative career and focus on doing what would be a dream come true for me. I'm an introvert and being around people constantly causes me to be the person that I'm not. I become the person they expect me to be. As I read your story I realize there is hope. At my age I have pondered if that is the case or not. But I'm happy to read how you have overcome obstacles and cleared your thought process with the end result being "the need for a quieter second career"...hey that's me too. That is why I went back to college online because I have to continue working to keep a roof over my head. It has been such a refreshing adventure for me because I have met other wonderful introverts who made me realize there is nothing wrong with it.<br />
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As a matter of fact I am happy with acknowledging after all these years that I really would prefer being left to work alone. I want to help people and psychology is a passion that I have. I want people to be happy and realize just because they may be different, does not mean there is something wrong with it.