I Hate It When People Won't Leave Me Alone

Yeah I'm and introvert....shy, quiet, and i need to be alone sometimes. The worst part is when others just don't get it that you want to be alone. I'm not depressed i just want to be alone! -_-
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4 Responses Jan 1, 2012

Yup, I hear ya!! Tell that to my husband, who thinks I no longer want to be with him everythime I want some alone time!!!

I was always a "people person" but after years and years of working with the public, "people" can kiss my ***! I'm taking my alone time and anybody who doesn't like it... well, I'm sure you know the rest of that sentence...


being alone can be quite comfy for some people. i like being alone sometimes. i like being around people sometimes. and people think they need to "fix" you when you just wanna be alone. or tell you how to "fix" it. cause you know, you NEED to get out of your house and do stuff. no, i dont. i NEED to enjoy my solitude because i am socially awkward, fashionably stupid and i always say the wrong thing. <br />
being shy and wanting to be alone sometimes is not a disease!

I can relate. I'm in the San Francisco, CA area I've had to stop wearing apparel of my sports teams in public because now that they've been winning, I can't go anywhere without people commenting about them to me. I don't think I'm a mean person...I just want to go where I'm going and get out without being seen.

My daughter, as a baby especially but even still today at 5, always generated attention and compliments....I was happy for her and grateful to have a beautiful child, but it was/is torture having to fake-smile and thank people all the time. Or worse, answer questions about her (her race, age, her uncommon name, etc.)

Sorry for the book but in summary it is okay to want that alone time. Not everyone will get that, but it IS okay and doesn't mean anything's wrong with you.