Someone Like Me

so how can i keep my poetry inspire
normally it feels fake to crave admire
st Trinians tonight my muse so grand
if i was gay i'd shag Russell brand
err not said out loud, that was not meant
now talking like yoda, wtf am i bent?
enough about st trinies back to my inspire
all girl hockey fight was value, but its you i desire
i really did try to be girly and serious as sin
however its impossible to escape the joker within
i always put a book down with a list of faults
but dared not try myself for fear of my own jolts
i'm not convinced this rhyme can be called a poem
as iv'e only read a few, maybe you know them
"around the corner" is one i will never forget
a big bite of reality. with tonnes of regret
i have gotten of path and sidetracked ... oh yeah my muse
i would have never put pen to paper if it were not for you
angel,***** the legs, or bitties best friend
i want to know you right till the very end
i only thought Auzzie girls could laugh and take the ****
from harry potter to Mr. slave you are great its something i insist.
when do i stop writing, how is a poem done?
i could rap about you for 30 pages, honest truth its fun
you've awoken a Pulitzer demon, a literal God
an angel from heaven your innocence your evil meth-od
I've walked a long road in 33 yrs, good and bad times 1-2-3
there has never been, someone likeme, this poem is in dedication to most awesome women to ever exist, fallen angel, I wish things could be different
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lol, too funny

You have some great stories and interests. Please add me

Weird poem...but I for some reason get it! <br />
"i only thought Auzzie girls could laugh and take the ****"<br />
"from harry potter to Mr. slave you are great its something i insist."<br />
These two lines made me lol!

Bizarre style for a poem, but then, I think, that's just you....But me like..I fink you freaky!

Impressive! I like how it seems to just free flow and "however it's impossible to escape the joker within" - I loved that! :)


seriously impressive.

lol cheers. 1st attempt :)

As you're not gay....?

don't think so... wait i'l ask my boyfriend XD