Office Life Does Not Agree With Me ...

I found this site last weekend, after a group holiday which was fun but really tiring. I just recently read The Introvert Advantage ( and was fascinated by her point that introverts find it tiring just being around other people. I often feel I'm being anti-social (by other people's standards), but I just can't help it - I need time by myself.
Anyway then I went back to work. My job is OK, but it's a pretty extroverted office. I got in one morning, started reading through my email. The guy who sits next to me said "Are you OK?". It sounded like a real question - like he was actually concerned - rather than just an opener or a hello. When I said yes, he said "You looked really deep in concentration". Really I just find it hilarious that concentrating whilst at work is a reason for your colleagues to be concerned about you, but I just thought it pretty illustrative.
My boss is really extrovert and the main difference I notice from me is that he thinks soooo quickly. He will jump around from one thing to another and when he asks me an unexpected question (no matter how easy it is - it could be "What were you working on yesterday?") my brain just freezes up. I don't seem to be able to answer anything about what I'm doing with my notes in front of me and (although I think he specifically wanted a non-extrovert for this job) I know he thinks I'm wierd. I take so long to speak (from his perspective) and forget what I need to say all the time. Anyway the point is, I feel a lot better about this for having ready The Introvert Advantage and the point it makes about longer brain pathways and introverts relying more on long term memory for words, which is slower. I was particularly fascinated by the point that finding words to write uses different pathways and may be quicker for introverts, as my job is based around writing and explains why I freeze up when I have to switch to speaking about what I'm doing!
Anyway, hello. It is so nice to find somewhere where I can talk about this :)
QuietGirl78 QuietGirl78
41-45, F
Feb 25, 2012