Politically Awkward.

Ok so I’m often socially awkward but there’s lots of discussion about that to read though, at the moment my problem is how to express myself in a completely different setting.

At the moment like lots of people around the world I feel a burning rage at my governments betrayal of the masses and its own supposed principles to elitism. Even so I’m afraid of going to most protests and not for the normal reasons.

I’ve recently found (much to my surprise actually) that I’m very brave in the face of police intimidation and there use of both lawful and unlawful levels of force. This has helped me realise that actualy what I fear the most is the risk of being put in the spotlight, of being that one in the center of a situation or the one the cameras chose as their image or sound bite. As strange as it seems where physical assault has failed the risk of a bit of harmless (probably even respect earning) attention has cowed me.

I’m not really sure what to do about it as the fact I’m always moving around to find work makes me of limited use in “behind the sceans” organisation of things and as the right to protest becomes more and more theoretical only there is a trend for them to be smaller and more theatrical with little use for background supporters.
owenbevt3 owenbevt3
May 10, 2012