How My Life Has Gone So Far Being Diffrent

I've always felt out of place, even within my closest friends i am always the odd one out. my life through elementary school and middle school would of seemed like a struggle for some, but i was contempt with not always being on the in side of things. My friends socially excelled while i was left behind, my friends were out with girls while i was left behind. I found the perfect mix of solitude and socializing through video games but this only singled me out further from the rest of my peers and slowly made me overweight. This time would of been much harder if i did not have my friends while i may of came off as shy i knew i was very far from it. i have hosted lots of party's all that weren't terrible but my attempts at socializing were minimal at best. while still always ending those nights having a good time the best part of them was when they were over. i was in 8th grade and still had never had a good connection with a girl . taking my need for alone time to running and working out, while applying dedication for what needed to be done to wrestling. my freshman year was the best year i had, having a beautiful girl cross the barriers i had put up being secluded, which she quickly found out was well worth it by now having a loving friend for life by my ability for always being able to forgive, thinking rationally i know i will make mistakes one day as well. the next year had passed by in a flash not having to worry about fitting in being secluded in my girlfriend was all i ever wanted. It gave a place for my differences to be positive for once. while i am now single i much more accepting of my differences and being able to mingle and blend is more naturally. i just hope now that there are people here that know exactly what i'm saying :). ki
ajstark ajstark
May 25, 2012