A Means Of Escape

Introversion was nothing a little alcohol couldn't cure. A snootful would cure the withdrawn within. A party this weekend? OK. Yes I'll be there after a drink or tow or three or four. And under inebriated conditions my introversion broke through on the dance floor to an explosion of Happy Feet. The life of the party. The jokester extraorinaire! At least in my mind. I was Scaramouche, Captain Blood and Allen Quartermain in one single package.
At least that was true inside the bottle of booze. When the bottle disappeared I was once again Dr. Doolittle talking to my animals without understanding their answers. I went back to reading and movies. I began to understand that i was happier in a book or movie than in a group or crowd. Even happier without the Dutch courage of John Barleycorn.
I'm older now and more accepting, the days of disco done. it's easier. It's quieter. I enjoy the birds in the trees and the hum of bees in flight across and bluescape of sky blanked by a cloud or two passing by.
alfrick alfrick
1 Response May 27, 2012

Hah I like your style. I think this is why I don't mind going out with friends to a bar or party. I make sure to get buzzed early on and if I get worn out I just leave.