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"opposites Attract," Says They. "yeah, If You’re A Magnet" Says I

OK so this is both a question and a story. The question: does anybody else ever get the feeling that they attract extremely extroverted lonely people? because I've had a problem with this.
The story: sometime in my second year of college I met a guy who was extroverted but socially awkward. I was OK being casual friends with this guy but as an introvert I do not form fast friendships. He on the other hand did. And, as I learned later, he "liked" me. Needless to say I had to cut him out of my life. Now again I am having the same problem. I have met another extrovert who does not have many friends. This really puts a burden on me to hang out with him, so therefore in all my wisdom (note sarcasm) I have taken to avoiding him. As we all know avoidance does not work 100% of the time and the last time I hung out with him he asked me if I had a boyfriend. Its times like those when I wish I was a better liar, I told him no but that I'm not looking. Emphasis on not. He let it drop but still tries to communicate with me. Everybody should know that after a rejection it's a bad idea to keep in touch. This guy is going to end up hurt. I still try avoidance but as we all know...
So back to the question, does this happen to anyone else?
Thisbe Thisbe 26-30, F 1 Response Jul 4, 2012

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These "lonely" fellows may be attracted to your confidence because it sounds to me like you're wanting to put your focus on something other than a relationship (which is totally fine at your age... wish I could be that way!) but if you want to get some answers, ask him what qualities he "likes" about you. I'm overly nice and often men mistake this for an "interest" romantically. Just some thoughts :) Good luck with your situation.