Family Ties

I live with a family that I feel doesn't understand introverts and that I like to stay in my room in peace most of the time.

This leads me to depression because I don't want to be labeled "The Quiet Kid"

Any tips on how an introvert can be more expressive in his own house?

Greatfully appreciated,

DJ :)
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2 Responses Sep 10, 2012

Wow thats a tough one especially if your fam sees it as some form of " passive aggression". Mine sure did. You could give them 15 mins of family time then retreat to your room until you can make yourself more comfortable when everyone hangs out. It may feel like your interviewing eachother for a while unitl you come out your shell and im guessing them out of theirs. I know being an introvert doesnt mean being a hermit but family can label you real quick when they can only guess whats up with you. I wish people knew that interactions, as necessary as they are, can drain lots of energy from us introverts.Not only that, but i also notice that we have more energy stored for a few deep conversations than lots of small talk.Small talk and banter is what my introvert self is working on the most, Thank goodness for the Internet and crappy waitressing jobs! <br />
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I would just suggest that you inform them, something like, "hey, you maybe don't realize this, but..." and explain briefly what life is like for you, how too much of certain things are overwhelming, and how you best recharge, alone. I had to break it down for a very extroverted friend, who sincerely was not trying to make life difficult for me, but had never understood that some of us need a lot of down time. Good luck.