I Am An Introvert :)

I love spending time with myself. I get the excitement and good feeling of being alone doing my favorite hobbies like drawing, writing stories, reading books and many more.

It's not because I'm introvert I don't want to deal with other people. I also want to be with them, spend time with them, talk to them. It's just that I feel more energetic and productive whenever I do things my own way. I can concentrate more and be creative at the same time. As if my own self is the only one who can understand me and I can praise my work for that. After reassuring myself everything's fine that's the time I can share my work to other people because I have gained the right amount of confidence:) It sounds funny, but it works for me! It wasn't my choice being an introvert, it just comes out naturally. This is me and I love what I do. I have my strengths and weaknesses too, and I really really love myself for that :)

Introvert doesn't mean being alone and sad. Introvert people, most of the time, are the ones who can surely understand others, because they know the feeling, and they have the right intuition what one might be needing. They can give comfort and love, as they have been doing this for themselves all along.

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1 Response Sep 15, 2012

Amen Mad'am!