Is There An Introverts Group?

Hi there, I'm an introvert but have managed to deal with it but wondering if there's a group in the Las Vegas area that meets up?
Ceejay65 Ceejay65
46-50, F
3 Responses Sep 22, 2012

An Introvert support group that meets up? That's like making a medicine for trypanophobics and offering it intravenously.

Ceejay65, I was an introvert too. I still am when I am in crowds. However, I have learned that I am well liked because I don't gossip or complain. So it isn't all bad. I am trying to break out of it though because it is tough to make friends. So, I force myself to say hello to people I meet and start conversations with strangers at times.

lol, i never thought of it like that! No, I haven't tried any groups but thanks anyway.