Found Out About Introverts

Never even heard of the word "introvert" until my friend mentioned a movie she wanted to see. I asked what it was about. "I dunno, I think it's about introverted people..." In my head I thought, "What's introvert mean?" My friend went on saying,"We're pretty much introverted ourselves, aren't we? We need to get out more and do things." Coincidentally, I was on the internet at the time. I Binged up the definition, read several articles, and watched multiple videos about introversion. I enjoy being alone within the house, have a few friends(who I'm not always in contact with), and socializing drains me or I'm just not interested enough to socialize. I like to have deep, meaningful conversations but I prefer to focus on my work and thoughts most the time. Plus I take a while to form a relationship with another person.

One thing got my attention though: Introverts think before they act. It's not that extroverts don't do this, but introverts tend to preplan what they're gonna say, do, create, etc more than extroverts do. All this time until now, I've believed I was a slow thinker, especially in school. My classes were always full of quick-thinking talkative people while I never knew what to say. By the time I did know what to say, the opportunity to speak would have already passed, so pretty much all my school life I was quiet and reserved. People usually made fun of me in middle school, or thought I was snobby. Before that I only had one friend. I didn't start socializing until my freshman year in high school(my small group o' friends). Conversating improved my communication skills and body language. Junior or senior year I got the courage to volunteer in school; the daily interactions with students, classmates, and guests helped me relax and talk to people whether we were friends, aquaintances, or strangers.

So there was nothing weird about me the whole time. I've always accepted myself for who I am even throughout the bullying and gossip; I was just a tad confused about myself is all. Though communicating is still a little rusty, I've improved tenfold compared to previous years talking with others. I guess that's my greatest accomplishment and I'm proud of that.

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3 Responses Nov 15, 2012

I can relate to that.

I was exactly like you... the only difference is that you improved your communication skill and i am still having a tough time with it.

Good for you!! I'm happy to hear you made this discovery while still being so young (took me until my late 20's to know it and my 0's to truly accept it). I think it helps that introverts are starting to speak up. Not to mention we have an excellent avenue for our temperaments: the internet!

Introvert, extrovert or ambivert, I think the key is just taking the time to learn who you are and accepting it.