Realization Of My Full Potential

I always thought I was different. Up until this point I truly never had an identity. Raised by a family of incredibly extraverted, hard working, positive people I have been an introvert in sheep's clothing.

It feels really freeing and refreshing to read these stories and know that people are in the same boat as myself.

This is a new discovery for me and one common misconception I have encountered in everyone's story and from reading Quiet the power of introverts is that we don't like to be around people or prefer to be alone.

I love to be around people who I can have deep conversations with and who I can trust. I like my alone time but us humans need social interaction.

I am here to reach out and to start expressing myself in a group environment and foster some real relationships.
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Yeah, it's definitely a common misconception, sometimes it's not about not wanting to be around anyone, it's about wanting to be around the right people, a lot of people mistake me for being antisocial but I'm just picky, I can't really enjoy spending time with people I can't enjoy having a deep conversation with also.

This is very true, I think the same, it's not easy to break into a conversation about socio-dynamics or metaphysics in the middle of a party, haha.

That's great, another Introvert realizing who they are. The thing that we must take into consideration is that everyone has the ability to sense the general tone or perhaps the beliefs of people around them. Most people aren't conscious of it but are nevertheless affected by it, which in turn influences the way they act in a social setting leaving them highly suggestible and susceptible to becoming a part of a small scale social organism, fighting for its own preservation. With that said, I have been able to connect with many people in one on one interactions. Anyone else feel this way?


Best Wishes

I feel the same as an introvert too. People tend to misunderstand when we crave for solitude. Its even hard to find a balance at the workplace. Personally I like deeper and meaningfull conversation.

You have made a good point here that requires reflection. We as introverts need both quiet and social interaction. The trick is getting a balance and this is not easy. It seems that once people clue into your need for space they are quick to label you as asocial and abandon any future invitations. It's hard to find people who are flexible in this way ... letting us come and go...

I would like to hear more from you and find out what makes you a introvert vs extrovert. Trying to find self.

:) good for you! I agree - introversion does not mean dislike of people! I just like smaller groups, good conversation, and a calmer atmosphere. But I do love talking to people.