I am comfortable in my own skin. I enjoy doing many things from running to reading, writing, and beadwork. I don't like constant noise. My mind needs the freedom to think, imagine and create without all the outside interruptions. I have an extroverted husband who has been clingy in the past. I wanted to spend a couple times a week just with him and me, but he was pushy for more. Because of this we don't have much of a marriage. When I compromised too much I became angry. I have learned to accept who I am and the friends around me who can find others to hang with on occassion. I can't stand to be anywhere around my husband today. If I could give advice to an introvert it would be this: If you are looking for a meaningful relationship, continue to hold on to your alone time without compromise, you will find someone with similar qualities and avoid the fights my husband and I now have. He blasts music for the sound of the instrumentals. I listen for the words and deeper meaning quietly to where I can think. His idea of winding down is playing pool at the bar. My idea is reading a good book, origami, or praying, but definitely not going out. He crashes with the tv full blast. I fall asleep after a few breathing exercises and an hours worth, at least, of quiet time.
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As an introvert, I think you have pretty much nailed what it is like. I am lucky that I am married to an introvert, and we are real comfortable making space for each other. There was some concern when I retired, as my wife was self employed, and worked from home. But, made a point to disappear for a time in the morning and afternoon, and it worked out well. I did go to some church leadership camps, that part of program was to take the tests for personality types. I tested out as an INTJ, every time I took it. When first married, we had kids (six, and a couple of times had two foster kids also), and don't think had time to worry about such things very much. But even then, needed to take off and have quiet time on occasion. Like standing in a coastal stream and fishing for salmon or steelhead.

Ya. things were hard to adjust to at first, but we are doing well. Some days are hard. This story I must've written when I was really needing the time away lol