I'm a Taurean.

"Why Are You So Quiet?"
I've heard that damn question all my life. It doesn't bother me anymore, but only because I haven't been around people to ask it. I used to just change the subject or shrug it off.
I'm still surprised that even a Deaf guy told me I was quiet. "Quiet" became my sign name, with an A.

To answer the question, there is never one reason.
I despise small talk, it's so annoying.
And chatterboxes who just can't shut up.

Another reason is I can't join conversation, so I just listen. Like the subject changes too fast before I can join. Maybe I need to stop being so hesitant.

Sometimes I just daydream, lost in thought, too absorbed in my inner world to care about the outer world.

It's not like I HATE talking, because I don't. I prefer real conversations, especially with the closest people. I also like joking.
And I understand  it might be hard to engage in conversation with me and the silence makes you feel uncomfortable. But that's not my problem.
If you don't try for me, you're not worth my effort either. If you want to give up on me, then I'll accept that. We're probably not meant to be.

I no longer need to feel unwanted, excluded, forgotten or invisible. I used to truly believe that for so many years and felt that I had zero friends. I used to want to just disappear off the face of this Earth, convinced that nobody would ever notice, let alone care. I used to always want to fit into a group of tight-nit friends and have adventures and share experiences. It was torture, confusion over who to hate more - the world or myself.

But I guess that's all part of growing up.

I hated my "friends" who would make hang-out plans in front of me without inviting me. I hated that I only ever saw them in school or on Facebook.
Their stupid posts and pictures infuriated me. Their faces all together in person made me cry.

Discovering that I am an introvert was like discovering the name of your disease. But I'm not a disease. Introvert has a negative label on it.

All I know is that I've found someone to balance me out. And losing him would be losing part of myself.

So, I guess it was just a phase. Wasn't I supposed to make the best of those years? Anyway, it's over. Time to turn a new page. I can't let those old high school faces take me back in time anymore. I have to accept myself.  We're all different. SOMEONE has to be me and balance out the world.
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I appreciate your comments to my blog, can we be friends a discuss it a little further and maybe bring you some more pleasure? Your settings don't allow me to message you or add you to my circle.

I myself am an Introvert, I commented on a similar post that would apply well here too: The thing that we must take into consideration is that everyone has the ability to sense the general tone or perhaps the beliefs of people around them. Most people aren't conscious of it but are nevertheless affected by it, which in turn influences the way they act in a social setting leaving them highly suggestible and susceptible to becoming a part of a small scale social organism, fighting for its own preservation. With that said, I have been able to connect with many people in one on one interactions. Anyone else feel this way?

Man I clicked with so much of this. Before the moment someone asks me "Why are you so quiet?" I don't even notice anything unusual about my behavior. I also hate being called "antisocial". I don't have a vendetta against any social interaction ya know! I just don't go up to people and start talking about crap randomly. I hate small talk too. I'll accept it, but it's boring! I also went through the "fake friends" issue like you all throughout high school. Not one of my so called "friends" came to my graduation party. I'm over it though. I'm just glad I don't have to see any of them again.

Yeah, people always ask that question with concern and assume that you're just a sad person -.-
My ex-boyfriend told his friends, IN FRONT OF ME, that I'm "antisocial". It was disappointing to know that he thought of me like that. It just shows that he didn't know me well enough. But good thing he's my ex!
And I would never even bother throwing a graduation party, I'd expect it to end up like that.
I'm glad you're getting past all the fake people. I'm also trying to keep past it and trying to make new friends.

you are more a loner than introverted

I am a loner BECAUSE I am introverted.