Understanding Myself

Since childhood I have been a quiet person . I have had very few friends .I was always told to open up, talk more, mingle with people.Every parents teacher meeting my mother was told the same thing “good in studies but seldom speaks”. with everyone giving me the same suggestions that “u should talk more “ i had to ultimately believe that there was some kind of manufacturing defect in me. 2 yrs back i came to know that they actually have a special term for me " HSP introvert ". Its a great feeling to know that there are many others like you and that you are not alone. Now that i know there is nothing wrong with me the constant war between heart and mind has come to an end and i have come to peace with myself , my being . . .
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2 Responses Dec 9, 2012

Its great to have come to peace with oneself realising the fact that its natural and beautiful to be an introvert.

I can totally relate to your story.... Cause it's happening to me right now in school!!