I Cannot Deal With This......

So I'm an introvert and my parents and friends don't seem to understand the needs of introverts!!!! In school I have some best friends and when they are around I feel confident and happy but when they are not around I feel uneasy.... I think twice before talking to people i dont usually talk to ,so they think that I am quiet and shy.

I'm sick of people telling me that !!!

Sometimes I am filled with energy and want to talk to people but then later I feel extremely exhausted and want to be alone........and when I dont get that I tend to become a little grouchy.
Another problem is that I come across being too emotional and find it hard to control my emotions.

I wish I could find introverts like me!!!!:)
But I'm glad I found this site... I feel so much better after reading stories by other introverts!

I hope things become better in college......
Ttylxox14 Ttylxox14
13-15, F
Dec 10, 2012