Shy Mud Poetry

I’m in no way a poet so quite possibly this sucks but it just forced it way out of me when I woke up for no reason at 3am (so excuse the spelling). I know shyness isn’t the same thing as introvertsum and in this case probably originates from abysmal success rate (a different long story), but I guess there’s others hear that know this feeling.

Shy Mud/Friend
My love is like a gentle mudslide waiting to happen. Always when I can I hold it back behind a thin dam.
For every time it get lose it makes the land fertile with wonderful possibilities – Which recipients ignore with a huff and move to fresh pastures or embarrassed attempt to sweep back out of mind.
So I spare them this inconvenient feeling.
In return ladies it’s a blessing to even know stay close- But always there backs stay turned to the idea this gentleman has a man’s emotions. While behind my crumbling walls hopeful silt stagnates and possibility rots to bitterness.
owenbevt3 owenbevt3
1 Response Jan 7, 2013

It's better to love than not love at all.
Love is worth taking a chance on. When you find it never let go