I have an introverted personality. I'd rather stay in most of the time than be surrounded by a group of friends. People drain me. Being an introvert lets me be n my own little world.
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I am the same. You should check out the book, "The Introvert Advantage". It helps explain a lot about yourself (and exrtaverts, too).

i am an introvert too although a lot of friends would say i'm otherwise. i enjoy the company of other people generally but i crave a lot of alone time for myself. heck, i even like going to the theatre alone. there is nothing wrong with wanting to be alone as long as you don't shut yourself up to the rest of the world completely. :)

You're not alone. I'm exactly the same way. An extrovert gets energy from other people, which makes them want to be all out and social. An introvert loses energy being with other people, and must constantly recoop energy by being alone and recharging.

I'm 18 now but have always been like this. I never understood it. My sister would tease me and call me a loner but she never understood that I liked being alone. That I actually found peace in doing so. Lately I've been craving love and wanting a boyfriend to save me from my own shell! But I still do like being alone. I enjoy my own company. I don't get bored. I can be in my room all day, idle for hours in my dreams, on the internet, books and would not become bored with it.

I was never bored being an introvert, but I am lonely, and it's not the same thing.

I didn't know that was the reason I get so drained! It's nice to hear from someone who feels like me, sounds just like me!

:) You'd be amazed to know that there are a lot like us!

Yeah probably more than you realise,