Taking A Break

Once i came to the realisation of my introversion, everything has been getting gradually better. In understanding how my energy works and relates to my external life is a key point, in terms of knowing when i need to take a break. - and have 5 cups of tea!
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"The Introvert Advantage" is a fantastic book if you want to understand yourself better!

oh yeah, its a book thats been recommended to me many times! Just ordered it of Amazon. I've just finished 'quiet' by Susan Cain which was great :)

That's great! What's your favorite tea? What do you like to do when not feeling like communicating with others?

Thanks :) Well i drink all kinds of teas - at the moment i'm drinking a peppermint green tea :p
- When not communicating with others - i call it my down time. Its usually when my energy is really low and i need to do a solitary activity to 're-energise'
I usually read, write, go to the gym or do some photography.
Thanks for asking :)

That's pretty good!

Sounds great, what are you reading at the moment? Heck yeah! Photography, awesome!!

1Q84 by Haruki Murakami - its a bit weird! What was that book you recommended yesterday?

cool - i'll check it out

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Understanding and appreciating our introversion can lead to so many wonderful things. For me, I no longer feel constrained by my personality. Good for you for taking breaks when you need them :)

I'm coming to see it as a gift, rather than an inconvenience - but as with anything, it's taking a long time to understand! :)