New Found Introvert

Recently I came across this site: Experience Project. I was so happy to see that I am not alone. I always felt different from everybody else including my family. like an alien from another planet. I have always been shunned because i am so different. I am a friendly happy go lucky person and i like to have fun. but no one give me a chance to show them that I am a good person and would make them a good friend. I for a long time thought that i was extremely shy and depressed. I would often blame myself for why people treat me in the negative way that they do. When i read and was given the explanation of whom an Introvert is. I said OMG! thats me. I am so relieved that i am not depressed, shy or any other emotional issue. I am an Introvert and I am special in a positive way. It hurts when the extroverts treat me differently but, i understand now more clearly why they do. I am always out numbered I don't know any other Introvert. Thanks Experience Project for opening my eyes.
Vont Vont
51-55, F
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Doing well, just hoped things were good in your world.

Great...I am hanging in there with all fours....enjoying finding out new things about myself.

Hi Vont, how are you doing?

Hey Im good, And how are you?

Yes!! Vont search to see what drives you. Do you like to paint, write, design and or exercise? Embrace whatever defines you. Maybe you want to be an intructor for some exercise class, maybe you want to take an art class just for the heck of it. Do you like poetry, writing stories begin a blog site and write.

When I found myself feeling isolated, I pulled out a pencil and pad and drew. It took me to another place. Begin to hook up in places/events that appeal to you. There you will find people of common interest.

I come from a family of 6 siblings. Three sisters, three brothers, I am the oldest. My other two sisters are beautiful and me-well just average. I was the "ugly duckling" of the family. Yes throughout my childhood and even into my adult life it did hurt me. Today, well I simply don't care about that. If my mother wants to continue making a big deal out of my two sisters being so beautiful and me well that is fine. That doesn't affect me anymore. I do have a great relationship with them because I make sure we stay a family. My style is different and creative. They are taller, I am very little and small--oh well.

So find what excites you, go do it. I wondered if you were married and have children?
Keep us posted.....happy living through our world!!!

Vont, when I was a young child, I too was an introvert. I was shy, quiet and would read a lot. We were (in that era) as kids however, was seen and not heard, so I believe that cultural mindset had a role in me being an introvert.

Throughout the years, I busted out of my shy personality. Til this day, for some reason people still don't really hear me. They speak over me, I feel that they don't think what I contribute (conversation wise) is important enough to listen to. So I have come to the conclusion that it must be my personality. I have actually become more of an extrovert to compensate for my natural introverted personality just so I can be heard. As a creative artist my personality tends to blossom when I am drawing or painting or designing something. My innate instinct defines me. Not many people relate to artists.

I am fine with being different, actually I embrace it. I seem to attract a certain kind of person and that is fine with me. I conceded to the fact that if I feel I do have something important to say and contribute, I find a way to convey my thoughts.

This might help you find your core center that makes you good with who you are. People who are different are the most intriquing I think. Be grateful that you are not like most others. Keep the faith!

Thank You Pinterest, I am so grateful that you responded to my post. Yes we are from that era of be seen and not heard or don't speak unless your spoken too. I feel now that was an era of strong discipline / fear, Not in a negative way because our upbringing made us very strong, responsible and respectful people even against the odds of being treated differently. We are some of the last to experience that cultural mindset. I agree and truly believe that it also played a big role of my being an Introvert. I will begin to look at my creative side to be all that I can be as an Introvert. Thanks Again, "I Am An Introvert"