Sometimes Feel Oppressed For Being Introverted.

 I have always been quiet and have always like to have my own space. Just that sometimes my quietness is seen by others as antisocial or shy. Also, in academic and social settings I either run into people who want to fix me (I have tons of physcology and social science major friends because of this) or punish me because, being 24, I am just suppose to have out grown this. I was so surprised that the main reason for me getting a C on my midterm was that I don't speak up in class. I do speak I am just not heard by my professor, I know those around me hear me because they acknowledge it, but I have to often repeat myself or flag her attention to be heard by her. I say to myself that when these things happen to not take it so hard and work harder but it's like I am punished because I don't fit a social mold. I've had people be down right mean to me, then get offended when I say something to them, like they were doing me a favor. I just get tired of hearing that to make it in the world you have to be a certain way. It has taken me years to accept myself as I am and I like who I am now quietness and all. Where does this thing that if you're not outgoing you won't make it come from?

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Do you like to read? I read a book called "The Introvert Advantage." The author escapes me. She is both a psychologist and an introvert and writes about feelings of guilt. It changed the my self perception and helped me not to worry so much about other people's expectations. There are so many benefits to being an introvert. I highly recommend this book! Read it and let me know what you think. I love talking about ideas!

Am a introvert but am still a missfit....n have issues...

Amazing isn't it ? I'm glad to hear your comming to peace with your personality. I would expect this sort of thing in a bar, thats why i don't go to bars. But the thought of an education
professional that doens't know basic personality types from there basic phycology course that they are required to have to teach infuriates me. They probably would know if they did some more reading and less running there flaps in class. And it doesn't stop there. It seems to have made its way to phycology majors too. I use to think there was someting wrong with me for the same kind of reason so i saw many theorapists over it. Instead of telling me i was a normal introvert, they perscribed me drugs like paxil. If it wasn't for the internet, i would probably would still be trying to fit into this world where the pretenous jerks rule. But, after doing some of my own reseach i am finally able to start comming to peace with myself too. I guess anything worth knowing, you need to find out for yourself.

Don't let anyone try and "fix" you. If they want to fix you then they don't deserve your time or friendship. <br />
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This quote (originally made in the context of anti-racism) has always stuck with me: <br />
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"If you have come to help me you are wasting your time. But if you recognize that your liberation and mine are bound up together, we can walk together."