I am an introverted intuitive feeling judger. AKA INFJ. I know there are many other introverts here, who want to take a break from the constant stimulation our society. I know I am an Introvert, because I get so effin tired of the socializing in high school. I even promised that I'd be alone for the while run. You guys know that this is an extroverted society right? I noticed because, literally all my classes are about group work, and when I'm in a group, I lose my creativity no joke! You guys realize also that introversion is a gift to harbor and use the alone time you have to do amazing things. Solitude is gold, a quiet man's attitude is bold than a man of talk. Hopefully this inspires you guys not to be ashamed that you hate talking about everything from your mind to over 9000 people lol. Have a nice quiet day!
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Aug 16, 2014