I Think There Are Degrees of Introversion.

On tests I always come out Introverted, but I am much more gregarious and outgoing (FOR AN INTROVERT) than my girlfriend is. She is very shy and has a very hard time talking in social situations where she is expected to make smalltalk.  I understand this implicitly, and her inability to make smalltalk is something I find endearing.  

Anyone else a Meyers Briggs fan? I'm an INTP.

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where to take this test of introversion ?

What a nice change it is to see someone who accepts their partners shyness and inability to make small talk. I am shy and introverted, my boyfriend can not accept this, calls me socially awkward, like a deer stuck in the head lights when I meet people. If only there were more like you.

I know how it is. My ex never did understand guess that's why she's my ex

I am Kiersey Temperament Sorter ISFJ, my partner is INFJ, and all three of my grown children are introverts as well.<br />
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Yes, I agree that there are varying degrees of introversion, as the Kiersey Sorter definitely demonstrates. I also think that being introverted and being shy are two different things. <br />
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I am a friendly and funny person, but it takes a very long time for me to allow others to see that side of me. I do not go to parties, I do not join any group activities, I will be polite, let's say, to a clerk in a grocery store, etc... and sometimes I reach outside my comfort zone and talk to a stranger for a short time. <br />
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Introversion does not necessarily mean that you are not good with people, but that they drain you of your energy and you will need time alone to recharge your battery. Whereas the extrovert is charging their battery just by being around others.<br />
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I am deeply introverted, however my oldest daughter in not nearly as introverted as myself or her two younger sisters. I panic in large crowds if I don't take the time to mentally prepare for the onslaught.<br />
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So, yes, I do agree, different levels of introversion, definitely! :)

I'm a Myers Briggs ISTJ. Extended periods meeting strangers (like business or wedding receptions) drain me. Gotta get some solitude afterwards.