and not ashamed of it. I think one of the issues with our society is that we glorify extroversion and outgoingness, but condemn people who are quiet/shy/introverted as having something wrong with them. Even though these are two sides of the same coin.

This is something I have at least gotten better about with age. When I was younger, I'd clam up around anyone but close friends and family. As I got older, especially when I went to college, I was brought out of my shell a bit.

I'm certainly no social dynamo, but I can at least make conversation and get through a social night out. One of the biggest issues is that I feel completely mentally and physically exhausted after. It takes every ounce of energy I have to get through a social situation.
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Agreed. I think sence most people are extroverts, they tend not to understand introverts. They can't relate. They can't understand how some people would get drained from being around a lot of people and might actually want to be alone from time to time. It is an extroverts world.

It is an extrovert's world, indeed, but I don't think there are more of them. We're more aware of them because of the nature of extroversion, but I feel like the numbers are pretty even.

I've heard it both ways. I've seen some statistics that say it 50/50 introverts and extroverts and I've seen statistics that say introverts are only 20%. I don't know what the real number is but I don't think its even. I think we are in the minority.

Love this.we're the same. People usually make fun/insult introverts ppl.. But they dont know us.. 8)