Hi, I am by nature an introvert.  I get this from my father, who is very introverted.  There is nothing wrong with introversion.  I think the average person does not know exactly what an introvert, or even an extrovert is.  I do not want to get too technical in regards to explaining one's Optimal Level of Stimulation (as far as biochemistry goes)  and how introverts are naturally highly stimulated and so are more quiet than the understimulated, sensation seeking extroverts, but there it is. Anyways, I think people tend to think introverts are antisocial or have bad communication skills or have some sort of sociability issues.  That's not true at all.  An introvert can be quiet and get along with people very well. An introvert just tends to be more quiet, more reserved and more sensitive to noise in the environment than extroverts. This does not mean they are aloof or arrogant or think they are better than other people - those are entirely different personality traits. Though an introvert will probably never be considered the life of the party, they are not neccessarily boring people, either. There are many aspects to one's character, and introversion/extroversion is but one.

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You said it well. I'm an introvert who likes people but sometimes struggles with what to say when I meet someone new. I'm not always comfortable in a group so I off by myself. Others take that as being anti social or aloof. That is not me at all.