Introvert and Glad I Am!

I know it for a long time and only lately I'm glad I am.
Extroverts are shallow people, as if they are not "full", not complete if they're alone.
Introverts are "more", we are complete humans, we don't need no others. OK, sometimes it's nice to be among people, but it's equaly nice to be by oneself! That last is an extroverts nightmare! Ah! suckers!
Google "the advantage of being introvert"
And "Party of one"
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Wow I just read the review of party of one on amazon! It's already on the wishlist hehe Trully to be socialized and navigate through the world does not mean you have to change yourself. You have to learn when is the best time to recharge and refuel and when to integrate:) I've been trying to find my balance for a while now.

Gettin kind of irritated what is a extrovert

Im also a introvert and glad I am too , am currantly reading a book introvert power by laurie helgoe ph.D and learning what makes people introverts its a great read , I have hobbies that I love doing on my own .. It would be too much of a distraction if I did them with other people . I dont like group conversation , but prefer one on one conversation . I feel we live in a world where being extroverted is what expected of of us , I tried to be extroverted to please people to fit in , however it never got me anywhere , am going back to who Im truely are a introvert .

Mishy40...I am also reading the same book. I feel great! I wish "well meaning" extroverts would read it too. deadeye1966

I have a book called "The Introvert Advantage". It was great reading that book, because it let me know that there's a reason introverts and extroverts are different--our brains are actually wired differently. And it was nice to see that my feelings and experiences as an introvert aren't unique.

The only thing I would change about extroverts is how they act all concerned when you aren't like them. You like parties, I like solitude. You like an entourage, I like to be one on one. You let me be, I'll let you be, and we'll all be happy. I have one extrovert friend who would always invite people on our friend dates. She would show up with 2 to 3 people, sometimes. Instead of getting upset about it, I just accepted that it's who she is. At least she was predictable.

Mostly true. it is truely not because we dont like to aroung more people. it just a preference of knowing them properly.. I wrote a blog recently titled: "in solitude we dwell" in responce to a question..

They aren't oblivious. Do they do things before thinking them through, most often yes. But that doesn't make them inferior to us. It just makes them more interesting to be around.

HEY! Most of my family are extroverts, but that doesn't make them flawed or bad. And last time I checked, we're not that perfect either.

I live with an extrovert and he is one annoying and crowding SOB. His relationship with my roomate is faltering because he doesnt know the meaning of personal space.<br />
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well. you tell him the meaning.. instead of getting upset you seat him down and makes sure he gets it. thats the way introverts most assert themselve. simply getting aggitated and angry only reaffirm their already misconstrued view on how introverts dont like interacting with people..Extroverts like us, are just different with different temperament....Instead of scoulding them try and educate them... ( publish a blog recently which has already featured in scoop it.. it's a great read on the subject introversion.. Check it out