Am I a Hermit?

I haven't set foot outside my apartment all day (it's now 5pm), nor have I spoken to a single soul (unless you count a brief IM conversation with my sister online).  I've been known to go an entire weekend like this.  I used to wonder if I was depressed when this happened, but lately I've come to realize that I really do enjoy my own company and my own space and spending time hanging out in my "inner world."  Is this behavior unhealthy?  Or just characeristic of the introvert that I am?  Anybody else do this (and can honestly say they're not sad when they do)?

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I'm like this too. The only person I regularly talk to is my mom, otherwise she'll assume I'm dead. In my case however, I've become more depressed from being a "hermit". I do enjoy my own company, but not all the time!

I used to and when sad, I actualy enjooy being sad! (Oh! holly melancholly!). Now have children and am constantly interapted. My duty! But am seeking out the small ocasions to be with myself and my imagination, or simly listen to clasical music.

I found out that I have SOD I stay at home all day I only go out if I want to get a game what's the point in going out if people are always judging me and staring :(

my sister always wants to sleep she has used this exuses and many other just so she doesnt have to leave the house and never wants to interact with other friends

Hell, even when I do go out and do something I look forward to going home. It just seems that I can't fit in with anyone, but now at age 35 I wonder if I can break this cycle.

I know exactly how you feel (and we're the same age)!

People like us should all hang out someday and talk in person??

I have done this many times in the past. I have hobbies and interests I can pursue at home without going out, so why go? I've spent days at home without even setting foot outside and I don't feel bad about it at all. <br />
It's hard to be introverted in a hypersocial world I've found. I try not to let it bother me, I just live as I see fit.

Well, a lot of times I've spent days without talking to anyone or leaving my room... but I might have serious issues than just being an introvert or taking a break. You sound fine to me. I think it's healthy if it's in a fine proportion, but too much of anything becomes unhealthy.

I do this too!!!! I was wondering if it was because I was depressed and didn't realize it as well. But the truth is I really prefer being alone, or with my husband. Whether it's camping, walking around down town, or just staying at home, I am perfectly happy enjoying just the company of my husband. Hell, last night, while he was at work, I went to P.F. Chang's and enjoyed a very delicious dinner with only Victor Hugo and Fantine as my company. It's so nice to see I am not alone in this behavior!!

It's me again. YES....I can say that I can relate to this story too!<br />
I feel much more at peace in my home away from the bustling crowds. I do go work or shopping or for exercise and to enjoy nature. But to me....most people are wearisome bores and I feel much more at peace with my self if I get lots of solitude. My sister lives nearby and she can relate. We do things together because we understand one another better than anyone else I've met. <br />
You sund like someone I could also understand. The "problem" is that we never/seldom meet anyone like ourselves because our reclusive personalities make it unlikely.<br />
Glad to "know" you! : )

I live for 2-3 day strecthes of alone leaving the house, no media, no small talk....I am not shy, depressed or agoraphobic, in fact I'm quite the opposite....but in order to be around people & enjoy them, I also have to have unfettered, undistracted ME time-even if it's just to stare at the walls

I often do this too, spend the weekend inside and not venture outside my apartment, not speak to anyone and not do very much of anything. Sometimes, it is because of depression. Very often though, it's just me being an introvert, being too shy to go places on my own and not knowing what to do with myself if I DID venture out. So I just stay home.

Yeah... though other than dishes and watering plants, I haven't done too many chores today. :) Right now I'm just sitting on my couch, staring at incense smoke and drinking a couple of glasses of Chardonnay. I have so much time and space on my hands, and I keep telling myself to enjoy it while I can (before I'm married with babies to attend to at every waking hour of the day). Right now, I'm communing with heaven... :)

You're not alone, I love being at home too, in fact if I didn't have to go to work I would quite happily not go out for days on end. It's also easier to get your chores done without having other people around to distract you

Hmmm... well I can't say I've been experiencing that with my (few) friends lately, nor that I think the world is depressing. I just love being at home.

i am the same way the world is such a depressing place friends only find a way to stab u in the back no matter what.