Introverted And Hating It!

 Hi I'm Debbie, 58 married, living in CA.  I'm very thankful that I have a fairly supportive husband, but I seem to get more introverted, therefore more depressed and lonely, as the years progress.  I just recently retired due to health issues.  I've been working a 12 step program and trying to exercise, but it's hard for me to muster up the motivation and discipline.  I am a Christian, and so thankful for that.  But I guess I don't a have a close enough relationship with God, or I don't think I would feel so lonely.  Just trying to connect and to get some encouragement online.


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2 Responses Jan 26, 2010

Hi Debbie, I agree...I'm also an introvert, deeply sensitive and take so much to's a good thing to get out and with other people, it will get you out of your head for a while and it's amazing how much good that does. I recommend the Introvert Advantage by Marti Olsen Laney if you're a reader, it will make you feel much less alone...there are a lot of us out there. Unfortunately we seem to hide our feelings so well that no one knows how we truly feel. God bless...

Hi Debbie, I have been a introvet all my life until i had to make a decision, close myself up or my kids. Husband left and had to do ever thing myself.. so what i can say is you are still lucky to have a good husband.. what i suject is bible study..or art classes. just get yourself out of your house, its a trap and it will eat away at your soul.. all the best and dont give in..